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This big cousin loves her Walter. #myohmia #littleboyboone
💙 #webeencruisin #bahamas #loveyoujt
When life gives you lemons, eat them! #liljoman #lemonlover #sourfacehappyface #summer
Thankful for my dad!

Thankful for my dad!

Treehouse designer, sock fighter, giggle maker, best splasher, hot dog griller, Star Wars watcher, fastest biker, icecream lover, dad-joke teller……Happy Father’s Day to you Justin! We LOVE you and love doing things with you. #happyfathersday
Had fun celebrating with some of the girl’s friends last night!! Mia and Addy are ready for middle school with this crew. 💕 Thanks Laura for hosting! The boys and Jewel escaped out on the golf cart and they drove around Southport the whole time, minus burger and ice cream stops. 😜 #growingupfast
Our elementary school graduate! So proud of you, Mia Rae. #myohmia #readyformiddleschool
Mia and her 5th grade teachers 🥰
Our baby is ready for kindergarten! #anestingplace #liljoman #love
Last day of preschool! 😭 We will miss the wonderful teachers at A Nesting Place. They have been so good to our family for the 9 years!
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